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About us

About us
We provide professional True Real-Time solutions based on reprogrammable-HW-logic for global markets about 11 years, for military communications, nanotechnology DAQ, test benches and space communications.

GENERA is a technological development company founded in 2009 by specialized engineers in advanced micro-electronics and software technologies for Automation, Control, Data Acquisition, Monitoring and Communications applications. GENERA offers a wide variety of electronics, software and communications solutions regarding True Real-Time applications. Specially oriented to the design, development and implementation of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) FPGA-based high speed and low latency data acquisition and control cards, communications and interfaces.

We have actively participated in half a dozen R+D projects. We distinguish ourselves by offering quality and customized automation, control, monitoring, management and analysis solutions at an efficient cost. We are pioneers in offering high-performance computing solutions based on reprogrammable hardware logic and system on chip (SoC) technology.

We understand that engineers face pressure, the importance of flexibility and deadlines. Our goal is to inject high technological value into the companies we serve, within competitive cost, to place them at the digital forefront, with the aim of improving their processes, maximizing their profitability, and consolidating and expanding their business.

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