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European Conformity - CE Marking

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CE Marking of Electronic and Electrical Devices, Equipment and Systems
Any equipment consisting of electronic and electrical components must comply with the minimum legal and technical requirements in terms of safety of the Member States of the European Union for its commercialization in the EU.

If the product complies with the provisions of the applicable European Directives and the CE mark is displayed on the product, the member states cannot prohibit, restrict or prevent the placing on the market or putting the product into service.

GENERA Technologies advises manufacturers and designers of electronic and electrical equipment for the CE certification of their products. We provide a comprehensive consulting service throughout the certification process:

STEP 1.- Study prior to the design of the equipment to guarantee compliance with the directives.
STEP 2.- Laboratory tests according to applicable harmonized standards.
STEP 3.- Report of the technical construction file.
STEP 4.- Declaration of Conformity.
STEP 5.- CE labeling of the product.
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