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Data Acquisition, Monitoring, Telemetry and Control Systems.

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GENERA Technologies designs and develops devices and systems (software and hardware) for Control, Monitoring and Data Acquisition of high performance, robust, flexible, intuitive and yet easy to use. Customized, powerful and versatile control, monitoring and communication system for instrumentation, testing, measurement and control applications; wired or wireless solutions (telemetry) for short, medium or long distance.
GENERA's know-how
+11 years of experience developing Data Acquisition (DAQ), Measurement, Monitoring, Communications and Control systems for the aerospace / defense, industrial and scientific sectors.

Defining a hardware system, establishing an adequate SW skeleton, analyzing the future needs of our clients, adopting the best techniques together with continuous training and updating our knowledge, is the basis for reducing project risk, increasing efficiency and always offering solutions at the forefront of technology.

    • Analysis of current and future customer needs
    • Proposal and definition of the specification
    • Iterative-evolutionary development of the HMI
    • HW definition and SW development
    • Simulations, FAT verification
    • SW / FW / HW integration
    • SAT testing and commissioning
    • Training and maintenance

GENERA Technologies regarding the development of its activity uses all the tools of the trade that allow it to offer professional solutions in a comprehensive manner, and we rely on technologies from the main firms of recognized prestige worldwide, open, powerful, reliable, flexible, high performance, redundant, deterministic (Real Time) and secure.

In each project we provide an efficient cost solution tailored to the requirements of each client.

Real Time Monitoring
Multiple and/or Mass Measurements
Telemetry and IoT
Alarms and Emergency Management
Historization and Information Management
Control Supervisor
Cloud and Web Access
Information Distribution

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