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Expert reports on Telecommunications and Electronics

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Expert Reports: Electronics, Telecommunications

One of the activities of GENERA Technologies consists of advising and issuing reports and expert opinions on Computer, Telematic, Electronic and Electrical pathologies for lawyers, solicitors and individuals. We have a wide range of professionals, such as telecommunications engineers, electronic engineers and industrial engineers, with experience in the preparation of this type of reports and in the ratification of them in case it is necessary on judicial requeriments.
Our goal is the total satisfaction of our clients with each of the different cases of technological pathologies that are presented to us daily and for this we offer dedication, experience and quality in the issuance of our reports and expert opinions.
Areas of Work in Judicial Expertise
Assessments, demonstration of damages, breakdowns and status of facilities, systems and devices:
    • Electronic and electrical equipment, computer systems, telecommunication equipment.
    • Investigations on manipulations in electronic devices.
    • CE conformity of a product (CE marking).
    • Certification of facilities according to technical legislation.
    • Measurements of radiation levels of equipment and antennas.
    • Reports on failures in the provision of telecommunications services.
    • Measurement of acoustic insulation and noise and adaptation to the technical code of the building.
    • Electronic and web plagiarism.
    • Reports on yields in solar and wind plants.
    • Reports on pathologies in computer, telematic, electrical and telecommunications systems.
Expert Services
    • Free prior advice from technicians. After analyzing the data provided by the client and their needs, the technician will advise the most appropriate way to develop their expert report.
    • Preparation of a preliminary budget according to the report to be developed, for the acceptance of the order by the client.
    • Carrying out the report respecting the judgment of the expert, in which the pathologies detected will be determined along with the possible causes that originate them.
    • Study and analysis of the pathologies "in situ" by the technicians to obtain the necessary data for the development of the same (photographic report, measurements, analysis of the current state of the pathologies, origin of the causes of them, etc.).
    • Possibility of adding extensions based on the customer's needs, providing them with a detailed economic assessment of damage.
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