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System/devices on Chip design

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FPGA designs
FPGA technology is one of the most complete and flexible architectures for the development of high-performance applications. With this technology it is possible to design customized digital solutions in less time and at a lower cost, using sophisticated simulation systems and programmable integrated circuits.

At GENERA we have experts in firmware development based on FPGAs using hardware description languages (
VHDL, Verilog, etc.) who will fully carry out the electronic design based on your specifications.

The development of complete solutions comprises the development of the complete system from the analysis of the requirements, definition of the architecture, design of prototypes, validation of the design and support during the integration. In addition, our services include participation in any of the development phases with FPGAs, from the design of an initial architecture to the development of test-bench, debug, verification & validation.
GENERA Technologies has extensive experience in FPGA development in all its phases:

    • Specifications analysis (detailed description, speed, inputs-outputs, etc.)
    • Definition of hardware architecture
    • VHDL or Verilog code generation
    • Logical synthesis
    • Integration of IP cores
    • Functional and temporal simulations
    • Implementation
    • Creation of test benches and vectors
    • Test generation
    • Design validation
    • Drafting of documentation, source files, implementation, simulations
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