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Measurements with strain gauges - GENERA TECNOLOGÍAS

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Strain Gauge Measurements
A strain gauge is a sensor based on the piezoresistive effect; a stress that deforms the strain gauge will generate a variation in its electrical resistance, therefore a resistance change is generated if a mechanical deformation is performanced.

Strain gauges are based on taking advantage of the electrical resistance of the conductor, which when deformed, becomes narrower and elongated, increasing its electrical resistance. Therefore, this deformation is used to transform it into an electrical signal that allows measurements to be made regarding the deformation of objects.
Applications of Strain Gauge Measurement
The applications of strain gauges are almost countless, but their most direct application is in those situations in which the measurement of stresses and deformations is required in structures such as Airplanes, Trains, Bridges, Cranes, Concrete, Axles, etc. Generally, in this type of structure, the assembly and connection are quite complicated, so it is advisable to turn to specialists in this type of measurement.

According to the measurement application, we highlight the following:

    • Construction: to check the settlement of the concrete at the time of construction.
    • Structures: deformation measurement of bridges, cranes, infrastructures, etc.
    • Industry: resistance, torque, force tests on motors, pumps, structures, etc.
    • Robotics: measurement of force of a robot.
    • Machines vibrations.
    • Weight measurement.
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