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Industrial Management Solutions · MES / MOM for safe and profitable manufacturing operations.

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Maintain order, efficiency and quality in plant operations
Get operational excellence

The manufacturing success

Operations management solutions are the base for optimizing operations, including manufacturing execution, reporting and analysis, information management, energy management, and application integration.

Taking advantage of this value is the domain of the Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) systems, described in the ISA 95 Enterprise Control Systems Integration standard, for covering all aspects related to maintenance, production, quality control and manufacturing stock management operations.

Capacity without parallel

Manage performances, recipes, and batches and run better across multiple manufacturing facilities.
The Manufacturing Operations Management solution from GENERA Technologies integrates production management, performance analysis, quality and compliance in one platform:

Open and robust SW / HW platform for industrial use.
Common information interface.
A validated full set of industrial applications.
Our unique method for modeling operations standardizes all operations, simplifies the deployment of processes, teams and people; and enables continuous evolution as the business changes and grows.
Performance management
Identify the weakest links in your production lines. Bring the lines back to work using their full potential.
Recipes and batches
Manage batch execution more efficiently; improve team allocation; download parameters and automate recipe procedures.
Operations and execution
Improve operational efficiency, achieve predictable quality, and provide the foundation for continued profitability and improved sustainability.
Manufacturing around several centers
Our Manufacturing Operations Management solution results in a proven increase in productivity, quality, cost savings and brings benefits to the entire company.

Information management

Unlock the value of your Industrial Information through our Industrial Information Management solutions to capture, historicize, access, visualize and analyze industrial data in a faster and smarter way; and discover the value of operational information anywhere and anytime without geographic barriers.

Where MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) software solution helps you interact with your processes and equipment so that they continue to run smoothly, Industrial Information Management software solution helps you understand these operations so that you can improve and optimize them. It's not just about capturing and storing data, but about analyzing even the tiniest detail to discover the value that is trapped within your processes.

Proven operational results

Companies that implement Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software solutions have reduced operating costs by more than 50%, increased productivity by more than 15%, throughput by more than 20%, and shortened time-to-decision-making greater than 80%.


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