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HMI, Supervision and Control Solutions

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Systems for connected companies.
Connect to virtually any automation system or device. At GENERA Technologies we integrate all the industrial processes of your plant in a single POWERFUL, SAFE, INTUITIVE tool and yet EASY TO USE.

GENERA offers:

The capacity of GENERA Technologies is beyond the today's offered conventional automation solutions in the sector. GENERA comes from vaguard defense sector.

At GENERA Technologies we always try to start from commercially existing solutions, selecting and offering the set of solutions (Hardware / Software) that adapt to your needs, and if something does not exist, then we create it. We integrate everything under a single robust, intuitive and easy-to-use platform. Our only limits are the state of the art of the technological raw material.

GENERA Technologies offers HMI / SCADA services of:
    • Technological consulting
    • Migration of SCADA / HMI Systems & IT infrastructure
    • Development, Implementation and Commissioning
    • Maintenance and Technical Support
    • Training
In the energy, security, chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial and food sectors.
Turnkey Projects
Supervision, Control, Monitoring and Data Acquisition Projects:
    • Racks / Cabinets / Control Desks
    • Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
    • SCADA systems & intuitive HMI interfaces
    • Management and monitoring of electronic devices
    • Alarm and historical management
    • Security, Cyberprotections
    • Operations and information management
Our SCADA developments are based on the following design criteria:
    • SCADA + IT integration
    • High Availability and Robustness
    • Security and cyberprotections
    • Performance and Ergonomics
    • Maintenance
    • Scalability
To do this, we offer our clients extensive experience in the development of innovative products with which to respond to the most demanding requirements.
SCADA-based monitoring and supervision of the production or generation of your plants or facilities, gives you peace of mind, optimization and efficiency. Any production line or facilitie can be supervised by a system of this nature (SCADA), thus favoring the path towards Intelligent and Efficient Generation.

    • Remote and centralized management of the installation
    • Resolving conflicts remotely
    • Control and reduction of costs
    • Powerful analysis tool
    • Emergency escalation and management
    • Quality improvement
    • Process reliability
    • Empowerment
Full Solution / Ecosystem
GENERA Technologies has created an ecosystem by partnering with the best companies in its class to offer a comprehensive solution with full warranty, from the hardware base to the software.
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