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Wireless connectivity: Sensors and Actuators - Industrial IoT.

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- Connected Devices -
GENERA Technologies develops Connectivity solutions for your "Things". Today it is a necessity to have an offer in its range of products with the possibility of connectivity for local control, by the users of its products, and / or for communication with its information centers for the supervision, monitoring, registration, analysis and control of your assets.
Our turnkey service includes Hardware, Software, Evolutionary Maintenance and Support.
    • IoT Consulting
    • Design / Adaptation and Development HW
    • Hardware integration
    • Software development
    • Commissioning
    • Training
    • Support
Our software developments are based on a recognized IoT technology platform, which allows us to build innovative IoT and M2M applications, reducing development time, costs and risks. Wide connectivity with third-party applications, such as ERP, Social, Cloud and Big Data analysis tools.
Smart cities
Monitoring of urban furniture and equipment
Waste collection management
Street lighting

Industry and Asset Management
Logistics: follow-up, traceability and shock monitoring
Control of the cold chain (food and pharmaceutical products)
Telemetry machinery, tanks, cylinders, tanks, silos, renewable energy equipment, etc ...

Tele-reading of meters
Supply network management

Health (e-health)

Fall detection
Control and localization of Alzheimer's patients
Remote monitoring of chronic patients: Parkinson's, diabetes
INR (coagulation) remote control
Home care monitoring
Medicine dispensers

Agriculture and Environment
- Secure fields -
Cattle monitoring
Migratory bird monitoring
Beehive management
Environmental sensors: air quality, noise, pollution
Control of vineyards and cultivation fields
Water management for irrigation communities
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