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Training: New Technologies

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Technological Training
GENERA offers a series of courses in several specific areas, in order to meet a demand of courses in which the training offer is scarce and highly qualified personnel are required.

All our training offer is tailor-made, so that we adapt the subject to the client's needs, as well as the modality (face-to-face / online) and the level of knowledge of the students.

Our face-to-face courses can be taught at the client's facilities, since we offer geographical mobility not only nationally, but also internationally.
    • FPGA / VHDL Course.
    • Embedded Systems Course.
    • LabVIEW FPGA Programming Course.
    • Electronic Design course.
    • Robotics Course with LabVIEW.
    • C Programming Course for RTOS.
    • Real-Time Operating Systems Course (VxWorks).
    • Power Electronics Course.
    • Motor Control Course.
    • Electric Drive Course.
    • Medium and High Voltage Electrical Protection Course.
    • Industrial Electrical Protections Course.
    • Course Automation Course with PICs.
    • Electric Power Systems Course.
    • Industrial Electrical Systems Course.
    • Control and regulation of Electric Generation systems course.
    • Renewable energy systems course.
    • Control and Instrumentation course for generation plants.
    • Industrial Communications Course.
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