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Firmware/hardware services: FPGA, SoC, Real-Time Systems

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FPGA Development and Software services

FPGA or SoC technology (SoC: Usually a microcontroller fused with an FPGA and various peripherals) is one of the most complete, flexible and reliable architectures for the development of high performance applications.

At GENERA Technologies we have experts in firmware development who, based on hardware description languages (VHDL) and C programming for embedded systems, will fully carry out the design based on your specifications.

FPGA & SoC development
GENERA has extensive experience in the development of FPGA and SoC, in all its phases:

    • Specification analysis (detailed description, speed, inputs-outputs, etc.)
    • Definition of FPGA architecture and Software
    • VHDL code generation, IPCores and / or C programming
    • Integration of Communication IPcores SERDES, PCIe, SRIO ...
    • Functional and temporal simulations
    • Implementation, Logical synthesis
    • Creation of test benches and vectors
    • Verification: tests and simulations
    • Quality system monitoring
    • Validation
Our main toolchain is:

    • HW description language tools: ISE / Vivado Desing Suite regarding Xilinx; Libero for Actel/Microsemi.

    • FPGA-based embedded microprocessor design tools: EDK and Xilinx SDK (PowerPC and Microblaze)

    • Digital Signal Processor Design Tools: Xilinx System Generator for DSP

    • Code Composer Studio (CCS) - Texas Instruments Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Microcontrollers and Embedded Processors, such as C3x / C4x DSPs, MSP430, C2000 Real Time MCUs, multicore DSP, ARM processors.
SW & HW product assurance
Our designs are developed with regard space product assurance technical procedures issued by European Cooperation for Space Standardization.

    • Cost and Schedule Management
    • System engineering – Testing
    • Software product assurance
    • System engineering – Technical requirements specifications
    • Control engineering handbook
    • Organization and Conduct of Reviews
    • System engineering – Verification
    • FPGA development
    • Hardening techniques and f
      ault management
      for TID and SEU effects mitigation in systems with FPGA
    • ECSS software engineering Standard / ECSS-E-ST-40C
FPGA-based implementations and developments are not an easy task, and you may not always have the experience, resources, or time to fulfill your planning.
Our team of engineers specialized in FPGAs and SoC / MPSoC offers you experience and services to develop your product, with the mission of helping you reduce your development cycles. At GENERA Technologies we have a long history helping our clients to convert the signal acquired by the sensor into processed, reliabilted and real-time information in the shortest latency in a wide range of applications and sectors. Contac us.
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